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October 08, 2008



Your family as well as your donor's family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Be well and God Bless.


Wishing prayers and peace to all of you and peace to the donor family.

Hope you can feel all the thoughts and prayers headed your way as we in the internet world hold you all close in our thoughts. Thinking of Annika, so very very much.


still breathing with you, still keeping your family and the donor's in my thoughts.


In our local area, a teen victim of a hit and run was just taken off life support today. She was an organ donor, and her name was Onika. Such similar names, but on opposite spectrums of organ donation. Thoughts, prayers and tears for both.


I hope it's a comfort to know that so many people are hoping with you. Bless you all.


lots of prayers!


Holding you all close


prayers of health for Anni and peace for her donor family...and more and more


Sending prayers!


Our thoughts are with you and your husband and the girls.

Our hearts are with the donor family.

And our thanks to everyone who has made this miracle possible for Anni!!!

kathy a.

many many hugs and thoughts. go eat something, and get some rest. xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

Sheryl, Justice's mom

Praying for Anni and and all those involved in her care right now! And that you guys can get some rest...and for her donor family!


Keep right on breathing. Holding all of you in our hearts.


Dear Moreena and family,

I've been following your blog for a few years after randomly stumbling on a link to it one day. I'm not a mom, don't have kids, don't have an interest in health issues though I am registered to be a donor and I wash my hands regularly! I've kept up with it because you write so beautifully and I've come to care a great deal about your family. I check your blog daily.

I am really, really pulling for Anni. From the comments on all your blogs, sounds like a lot of people - strangers, really - are. She has *a lot* of people caring for her. That kind of energy going out into the universe has to - and will - mean something.

Best of bestest wishes.



Oh, Moreena. Your whole family - especially Annika - is in my heart tonight.


I'm literally just blocks away from Children's. If I can do or bring anything, don't hesitate to email. Prayers for you and the donor family.


Moreena, I'll be holding you and Anni in my heart, thinking of and praying for you all night, or at least as long as I am awake.


More good thoughts pouring your way from here.


You're in my thoughts and prayers, as is the donor and their family.


I'm not a "praying" type of person, but you and Annika and all the rest of your family are in my thoughts tonight. I don't need to tell you to be strong - you so clearly are already - but do remember to look after yourself. Annika needs you to be in good shape, so go get some sleep, some food, a shower, whatever.
And take care.
Sending hugs and best wishes for peace and happiness and health from the south of France


Praying and asking our friends to pray and checking for updates often


And yet more love and prayers, Moreena.


Back again to say that I was thinking of you and Anni, and praying for you and the donor family. Literally right at my fingertips was a candle that is charged with and labeled Renewal. It is burning, and will burn through the night to send peaceful healing evergy to everyone involved with your situation.

And Frankie too- Anni (rightfully so) has gotten a lot of focus but this must be hard for Frankie too, so I also think of her.

Sending you much love.

Just Me

Praying for each of you. I guess you got what you wanted for your birthday.


More prayers for healing for Anni, your family and for the donor's family.

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