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Moreena is married to Jörg, a native of Berlin who likes logic and motorcycles, and mom to 9-year-old Annika, who likes monster movies and princesses, and 6-year old Frankie, who likes bugs and numbers.

She moved to Normal, Illinois in 1999, where she soon discovered that Geography is Not Destiny.

Longer, Not-Weird-Third-Person Version:

I am the mom of two girls, Anni (Annika--AH-nee-kuh) and Frankie (Franciska). Annika has had three liver transplants (at 12 months,15 months, and 8 years old). The whole transplant business has pretty much dictated the shape of our lives for the past 9 years, and I spend a lot of time on this blog grumping that life in the worldhood of childhood transplants is not the motherhood I envisioned. I'm not proud of that, but I also try to remember that motherhood is never, ever exactly what you envisioned, for better and worse. Usually better.

I love gardening, although I am terrible at it. Many of my attempts at greenthumbery have succumbed to thirst when I've been in the hospital with Annika instead of at home, watering them. Or when I've just been too distracted by other stuff to worry about gardening issues. Still, I love that this means that our yard is slowly being filled with the tough little mo-fo's that refuse to die, no matter how rough the going is. (And I am also inordinately fond of metaphors).

I've got degrees in Philosophy and Linguistics. I've also done graduate work in Computer Science and Technical Writing. When I work out in the non-home world, I'm usually teaching. Sometimes, I've done some web design and programming work.