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February 03, 2006



YES - the toothfairy most certainly DOES visit hospitals. I think something a little more glitzy than the dollar coin may be in the works for Anni, though. My heart goes out to you. Keep faith and hope alive. Here's to decades of tooth brushing.


I lost a tooth when I was in hospital once and the tooth fairy at my hospital is sooooo much better than the regular one, LOL. Hoping that Anni's hospital tooth fairy is a great one and gets the princess something oh so special for that important first tooth!Love and HugsEmma


How fun for Annika to have her first tooth come out! Something for both of you to take your minds off of it all for awhile!Praying for peace and most importantly, God's direction for the doctors..that they know exactly what they will need to do to help Annika...hugs.


Sorry that you are not getting any answers. Yeah for Annika's first lost tooth. Keep on brushing!


How exciting! I'm certain the tooth fairy vists the hospital. Hope you have some answers soon.


Moreena, you constantly amaze me with your ability to find words, images, themes in the midst of such worries. I wish you and Anni decades of good hygiene for all those big teeth that are just waiting to come down.


I am sending prayers your way too. I agree that going without a plan is impossibly hard.I hope the tooth fairy is very generous these days. Hugs.

Mary Lee

Sometimes the tooth fairy in the hospital is the highly trained doctor who knocked the tooth out with his endoscope!God, I wish you had some better news.As always, I am praying to Padre Pio for Annika.

Phantom Scribbler

I hope the hospital tooth fairy left an excellent stash. And some hope under the pillow, too. The uncertainty must be so hard to take. Hugs... and more hugs. We're thinking about you constantly.


*Awesome* perspective.What did the tooth fairy leave?


Hospital tooth fairies are lovely, wise and gentle souls who not only collect the teeth and treasure them, but hand on a hug to the battered parents as they pass.Praying for some answers, fast, and for the strength you need to deal with each thing as it comes.Much love and many blessings

Mary M - KaitlynsMOM

I hear hospital tooth fairies are very generours! LOL! So sorry to hear you guys are back in and not getting the answers you need. Thoughts and prayers to you..


Toothfairies are exceptionally generous in unfortunate circumstances. Mine gave me 4 times the going rate when I swallowed my first tooth accidentally.Congratulations to Anni for passing that milestone.And hurray to you for making her brush her teeth.Big hugs and lots of optimism.

Beanie Baby

Congrats on Annika's first loose tooth! And I'm so sorry it couldn't have been in better circumstances. Can aspiring tooth fairies send packages to the address at Kohl's house?


Oh gosh, Moreena, once you have smelled the metallic scent of your child's blood you never forget. I am so sorry you are still enduring this. How impossible for you that there are no answers just now, especially on a Friday, we all know what hospitals are like come the weekend. Strike me off for saying this (because I think I may have said it once before), and tell me to sod off if you want, but is this not the time to ask your docs to communicate with other centers to see if anyone else has any ideas or has dealt with the same issue. Is there anything other than toothpaste that you need just now? We're all here to listen to anything you need to vent anytime. Stay strong!


First tooth! How exciting! And so like Annika to have that tooth out in 24 hours so she could make out with some good loot for it, too! Sounds like something I would have done as a kid.We're still here, hoping you get answers (and home) soon!


I'll personally send a note to the tooth fairy if necessary...Annika deserves only the best! You all deserve a break from the hospital life. I hope that the bleeding issues are resolved quickly. I'm thinking of Annika!


XOXOXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXOXOX That space is for your missing tooth Anni. I know the TF was especially good and generous to you girlie. M... Faith and hope... praying always for you all.


Congrats Annika! We need to see a picture of your little toothless smile now!I am keeping you guys in my prayers..I pray for your strength and Annikas complete healing!

angela marie

I know for a fact that the hospital tooth fairy not only treats a sick child with extra love, but also their parents. Look under your pillow too, Moreena. There is a big box of strength under there. It may be uncomfortable to sleep on, so open it up and use whatever you can.

Rev Dr Mom

I hope the hospital tooth fairy was very good to Annika, and I'm glad there was something happy for her to focus on for a while.I hope you can hold onto the optimism, Moreena. You and Anni remain in my prayers.


Growing UP!


Didn't comment yesterday because I just didn't know what to say. I still don't - but here goes. . . .I'm so sorry to hear you've back in the PICU. What a bummer for you all and I can only imagine how it is affecting each of you emotionally. On the other hand, hopefully the loss of the first tooth cheered the little one up. The tooth fairy will find her wherever! LOLYou are right - optimism IS the best policy. I know it's got to be hard to keep it up. Keep going and have faith and hope. My prayers remain with you all. I keep a small picture (printed from here) of Anni and Franki and look at that picture daily and think of you all often and keep you in my prayers - as I know do MANY. I hope a tiny bit of our love and concern reaches you ... tina

Glenn Koehm

Whoa, forgetting a set of oral healthcare cleaners can be very disappointing! After all, you don't want to finish even just a day without cleaning your teeth! And congrats on her first lost tooth! She will likely remember that all her life. As you said, "optimism has got to be the best policy." Cheers to that!

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