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July 21, 2006



ooh, i bet he's at my school - yay, excitement : ) although very sad for annika. but maybe when he returns there will be a longer break in parenting for you due to the *extraordinarily long time* that he has been away ; )


I used to think the only way to see Disneyland (and I sneered at the imposter that is Disney World) was to have my honeymoon there. Then I stopped caring, and still wonder whether it's worth the long lines. Then I decided to be a spinster.

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Falling Down, November 2004

  • Balloon in hand, my 4-year-old
    twirled across the kitchen floor,
    singing nonsense words
    in her own key.
    "It's my gift!" she declared
    to the world at large, which
    was really only me,
    sitting at the table. Enough
    twirling, and she lost
    her balance, tumbling
    to the floor in a theatrical
    slapstick of elbows and knees.

    She lay on her back
    for a few seconds,
    at the textured ceiling
    with the mysterious
    spaghetti sauce stain.
    Suddenly she
    flapping her arms and legs
    there on the floor, as if to swish
    the imaginary snow
    into a snow angel.

    "Falling down is also a gift!" says she.

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