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August 10, 2007



Cute link. I wish there was a miracle for Annika - but in the meantime she has you guys with her which is no doubt the wonder of it all!

BTW - I have awarded you the Courageous Blogger award.


I'm so glad, Moreena. What a relief for all of you.

Fingers crossed that she stays on that plateau for a long, long time.

kathy a

what vivid illustrations of the different paths kids can take. i'm so glad annika is at a plateau. how interesting [and what a relief] that she is at level 7 for such a different reason this time.




I think these kids think "normal" is boring...so they stay just on the other side of it.

At least, that's what I tell myself about KayTar. She's too mysterious to have a diagnosable condition...too nonconformist for normal neurological functioning. Makes it seem cooler at least. ;)


Jeanie-thank you!!!

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Falling Down, November 2004

  • Balloon in hand, my 4-year-old
    twirled across the kitchen floor,
    singing nonsense words
    in her own key.
    "It's my gift!" she declared
    to the world at large, which
    was really only me,
    sitting at the table. Enough
    twirling, and she lost
    her balance, tumbling
    to the floor in a theatrical
    slapstick of elbows and knees.

    She lay on her back
    for a few seconds,
    at the textured ceiling
    with the mysterious
    spaghetti sauce stain.
    Suddenly she
    flapping her arms and legs
    there on the floor, as if to swish
    the imaginary snow
    into a snow angel.

    "Falling down is also a gift!" says she.

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