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June 18, 2008



I don't know what to say, Moreena, - because you know you have all our loving thoughts, our prayers, our longing to change things for Anni and for you.
Try and hold on to hope even amid the nightmares.


August 1? That can't be. Can't you get one of Anni's docs to kick some ass and move that up?

Moreena, you're incredible. Like all the rest of us out here, I wish there was something I could do.

Phantom Scribbler

Ah. Swearing bitterly at the thought of it. August 1? Good god.


I'm sorry you all have to deal with such uncertainty right now. Sometimes, just knowing exactly what you wish for is the best thing you can do. There are a whole lot of us out here pulling for Anni. Peace for your family.


Oh, Moreena, I hate to say what a beautiful post, because I know that beauty born from pain is bitter indeed. But holy moly. We are thinking of you, wishing your wishes with you.

xo Catherine


You are in my heart and prayers.


How incredibly frustrating. Continued prayers and good wishes sent your way.


August 1st?! Have I ever told you how much I hate how long it takes to get in for VERY URGENT testing? It can be ridiculous. If she was inpatient, could they bump it up?

You write so gorgeously, even when it is rife with pain and worry.

Jozet at Halushki

omg...I can't imagine how tired to your bones you must be from the physically difficult work of always needing to advocate for what's best for Anni - even with fabulous doctors - let alone with the burden of your emotions ambushing you at every turn, making you second guess all your hard work.

I know that if what needed to happen to make it all turn out alright right now was to hear, "You must stand on one foot and sing the alphabet for the next 7 years" you would do it with a heart full of love. It still doesn't make the work less...work.

And god bless Frankie. It's sometimes hard for me to remember that all sibling rivalry is born of deep love. Frankie spells it out clearly.

Your in my mind, Moreena. Thank you for your beautiful writing. All of it. Every bit.

Jozet at Halushki

You're...not your. gah.


Thinking of you all the time.


August 1?

Your writing?


I cannot believe they let her wait for 1.5 bloody months.

I know this is not the chief and certainly not the only thing responsible for making you feel and worry yourself sick and deeply sad as you do, but all of you could be spared at least this waiting for the test, and it makes me furious just thinking about the delay.

All my best wishes for sweet Annika, all.


I'm with Elizabeth on the Doc's kicking ass thing...

We are holding you in our thoughts every day.

And seven years is a damn long time to hold a wish in your heart.


Oh, Moreena.

That you live in a world where the liver doc cannot MAKE the cardiology doc do the catherization ASAP seems that much worse than it already is.

Your daughters are just precious, though. I wish I could laugh at my girls' tantrums so easily.


you my dear are in my prayers, as undisciplined as they are I am not sure they do much good, it all seems to go on spinning whatever I pray for.. You are a talented writer. If I owned a publishing house.. I guess I would rather be a doc at this point and do the heart cath tomorrow.


God that sucks. I'm so sorry to hear of all you've been going through. Blah.

I think Aug 1st is ridiculous. I definitely hope you get a sooner date soon if that makes sense.

kathy a.

oh, july 1 is MUCH better. xoxoo


Whew! for July 1.

And...what Liz said.


Glad to hear it's July the 1st now, and that apparently Annika has some doctors pulling for her in more than one sense.

As to Cleo - well, logical to her: she can see you in the dark, so you must be able to see her ;-) (can't expect more logic from a fluffy youngster...) Sorry about your toes, though!


As Elizabeth said, I just wish there was something I could do, but not nearly as fiercely as you do.

So glad you've got it brought forward, and I'm thinking of you all.




So sorry about your toes but so glad that the date got moved up by a whole month!!! YAY


Phew for July 1. Boo for purple toes.


Good luck for next week.

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