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September 24, 2008



Hug hug huggity hughughug.


Every time I read your updates I end up thinking, "why is there no ceiling on what people must endure?" But I am so glad that Anni has you to keep enduring.

Her beautiful photo still hangs on our fridge--reminding me of you all every day.

Biggest hugs (and the biggest tears).


Of course, Annika and her Annika's liver *are* completely different things. I wasn't confused for a second. Hoping hard for you.

Lisa V

Moreena, thinking of all of you. Praying for that next step to a long life for Annika and her new liver.

Hell, I'll cross my fingers, toes, feet, whatever good juju I can give you.

Lisa V

PS Also, I am so thankful you started documenting this very compelling story. You are a wonderful writer, and it's an honor to read your work.


argh....labs, poop with blood, none of it fun....

hopes and prayers for you and yours.




Wasn't confused for a second--but the magnitude of the suckitude of the liver endage, the only reaction is "crapamolie". And prayer. Still praying.


No confusion here. Still wishing the very best for all of you.


I have to confess to a heart stopped moment(I was away for 3 days, and checked in here as my first blog priority, then read the first sentence...but I saw there was another post afterwards, so didn't gallop to the worst conclusions.
Praying now for the best new liver, for as short a wait as possible and, of course, for Annika's complete recovery and good health from now on.


Oh, Moreena. I made the mistake of going straight to the Julieta Venegas myspace page and listening to Lento. And what I want to ask you is, um, happy? Because it made even the nick I got shaving my legs feel epically tragic. But in a good way.

I am thinking of you and your family, as always, and knowing that Annika is just that odds-winning kid she has always been.


Mary O.

I just got caught up on your last 2 postings today. Today I wish my blood type were O so I could help fix Anni's liver. Here's hoping Dr. Superina performs another miracle soon! Love and Prayers from our family.


I am here. If ever you need to talk. Ever. Not that that helps a darned thing. But I thought that I would say it.

Argh.... Moreena, argh...

11 a PELD of 11. That's where Natalie was at. Wow, the memories. I am...wow...almost paralized with the memories. I pray for you. For Anni. For Frankie and for Joerg. I am thankful that an exception letter is being written and thankful that again Dr. Superina is at the task.

I keep typing and deleting and retyping. I don't know what else to say. I will continue to pray.

lost indie

You will all be in my prayers. As usual, when Anni is in crisis, I will send special prayers for Frankie. She loves Anni so much (I loved your post about how worked up Frankie got about loving Anni the MOST). I also loved it that Anni wanted first something to eat and drink and next to call Frankie the last time she was in the hospital. One thing your girls excel in is pure sisterly love....


I think of you and your family often, and keep you in my prayers.


Hang in there. We are keeping you in our prayers.


Still keeping fingers crossed for many exception points and no scary bleeds.


I know that if the person at UNOS saw one of your videos with Anni and Frankie there wouldn't even be a question. If they knew. Well, we're all hoping the same thing. I still havent slept a wink since I frst saw the post . You have no reason to apologise for scaring anyone. The liver did that all on its own. More rockymountain hugs to all. Maybe Annika and Frankie can check out the new cool 3D buildings on google earth for a distraction. If you havent seen it , Normal has quite a few, and the program "sketchup" is free and simple to use, and anyone can add to the 3D warehouse. Love, Bobby
PS check out Denver. Post-convention there are hundreds of 3d's.


Still keeping you all in my prayers. I hope UNOS gives her the high PELD. A 35 would be great for her. I can't believe her score as it is is so low. Stay strong.

Jen @ Unique But Not Alone

We're sending positive thoughts of healing for all of you. I haven't been here to check in in a while, and I'm sorry to hear that Annika is relisted. I'm hopeful for her though.
Jen, mom of Grace & Meghan, ZZ Alphas


Praying for you.


Hugs to all 4 of you....


kathy a.

thinking of you all. crossing fingers and toes.

want to offer a toast to annika's 2d liver for its years of service, and offer a virtual gold watch. here's more hoping for a quick replacement.



Thinking of you all.

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