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September 23, 2008



Moreena, I'm sorry this is the latest plot twist your story has taken. Here's hoping that Anni is the Goldilocks of liver transplants and that this one will be 'just right.' It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway...prayers abound for you all.


Infrequent commenter (very), but I've been following your posts since Club Mom...and my heart dropped when I read this. I am so sorry, for you and your family and all that Anni has had to endure. May there be a miracle on the horizon for her, and much joyful music for you to listen to in the meantime.


Well. 60% does sound downright rosy when you put it that way. And this is forward movement, in a manner, which is good. I will just keep sending you love.

Diane Dawson

Moreena: Hugs, Love and Strength


Sending good thoughts to you and your family...the universe owes you one.


[hugs] sending good thoughts and thinking of all of you.


Oh Moreena. Hugs and blessings.


Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear all of this, My heart really hurts for Annika and your family. You're in my prayers.


Far-off lurker and Annika fan here, saying how sorry she is that you've reached this point and hoping for you all to fly easily through the coming weeks


Another lurker here, sending good thoughts, and thinking of you.


Hugs and good thoughts from distant Germany. I'm sorry for this and hopeful for you all.

kathy a.

((( moreena ))) thinking of annika, you, your family.

i never thought i'd be hoping for annika's liver to be rated very very bad, but -- i hope she gets a perfect liver, very soon.



I wish for Annika's liver to come very, very soon, and to be the perfect one for her.

Holding on to the belief you uttered a while ago that Dr. Superina is, indeed, something of a superman and that he will make this transplant be a success.

Love from Berlin, and all my best wishes for Annika.


Thinking and praying for you all.


I've been a reader for a long time but not much of a commenter.

Sending a virtual hug...


I said "Oh shit." before this had even fully loaded. I gasped when I read the encephalopathy stats. Geez. Nothing like very bleak odds to make slightly favorable odds look positively dreamy. I hope she gets bumped up on the list and that nasty 80 and 40 stay far away from Anni.

New Kid on the Hallway

I'm so sorry. I hope she gets moved up that list and a liver comes round FAST, and that the third time is indeed the charm! Sending you all sorts of good thoughts.


Praying and thinking of all of you every day.

Mary Kiernan Lee

%'s don't mean anything. As Nora was being listed for her liver, we were told the chance of her liver spontaneously surviving the virus was 10% and her chances of surviving a transplant were negligible. Keep in your heart that Annika will be the one to beat any odds given her. As always, I will keep her in my prayers.


Thanks for keeping us posted. Many, many prayers coming your way.


Positive thoughts for you all are en-route from Rome. They're pretty good swimmers, so they should be there fairly soon.


I had to read the middle parts of your post 4 or 5 times because of the big heart drop at the beginning.

Sending you all my love, hope, and prayers for a new liver ASAP.



Anni Metz

i'm not even a big pray-er, but i'll be sending a million & one prayers up to the sky for anni until i hear some good news. let me know if there's a place i can send cards, cookies, or anything for you, jorg, and the girls. and make sure annika knows that her "same name" down in atlanta is rooting for her! -anni m.

ps: julieta venegas is a GREAT choice for happy music!


Thank you for this update and for sharing your experiences and strength with all of us out here, Moreena. Prayers, as always, are with all of you.

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