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October 19, 2008



HI Annika!!!!!!!!!!

You're doing great and we're so proud of you here in North Carolina!


Yeah!!! Hi Anni!! That is good new indeed.


Oh my. Of course very good news about Annika being off the vent, but I still remember the torturous description of her PICU-drug-psychosis too vividly.

So sorry. Hope it's very, very short this time.

All the best, Annika!


Hi Anni!!

Off the vent! WOO!


glad she's off the vent.

bummer on the med psychosis


Wonderful news that she's doing all her own breathing - Annika, you are a star...But oh dear oh dear re the psychosis. Hope they sort that rapidly, as I remember how alarming it was for you all last time.


Hooray for off the vent!!!!! Boo for the psychosis but we'll stay positive and view this as a temporary problem that will never, ever happen again.

Hang tough, Anni! You and new liver are on to bigger, better things!


anni, you blessed child i have been following you thru out your surgery sweetie, so glad you are off the vent,hang tough mom and dad,gods holding her close!!


Hi Anni! Scottish package coming your way soon!


I'm sorry, the psychosis seems like it would be even harder to get through than the physical problems.

Glad to hear she's off the ventilator and healing. We're thinking of you all every day.


Now that's just not fair. The "off vent" moment should be surrounded by butterflies and dancing elephants, not psychosis. Well, at least only the good kind of psychosis.

But off vent---SUCH good news.


I just starting reading your blog, which I found since my father is waiting for a transplant. I know how hard that's been for us, and my heart goes out to you and your family, in particular Annika. I can't even imagine how strong you must be to be helping her through this. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

kathy a.

hooray, no more vent!

so sorry about the psychosis. hope it is a fleeting problem. xoxoxox


yea for no vent!!!! yea for closed abdomen!!!! continued prayers for a speedy recovery...


Goodbye ventilator!

Praying that Anni gets through the psychosis VERY quickly.



Wow. Hi, Annika T. Too bad for the psycosis. I hope she can get past this quickly, and on to better times. Love, Bobby and Sharon.


p.s. how's her liver doing? Most recent biopsy, bloods, etc.? You know, if you feel like catering to us nerds out here. :)


And the world says "hi" back ;)


Hi, Anni!!
So glad to hear your off the vent!
PICU psychosis sucks...hoping that the good drugs take care of that for you...thinking all kinds of good thoughts for all of you!

Love, Deb


Hello Annika! Hope the meds are leaving your system and you are feeling much better!

Lisa V

Hi Annika, hope you are feeling better in no time.

Awesome Mom

Well at least the news is mostly good and the psychosis will not be around forever. I am so glad that she is healing so well.


Good news on the ventilator having been removed. Brava Annika ! Odile, who turned 8 last week also, says Happy Birthday (when it's the right time to tell her). It's almost 7pm in Montreal right now; thinking about the next night for you, I hope that it goes smoothly and that the hallucinations are over very soon.


Hello, Annika... goodbye vent! What great news! Prayers continue for all of you!


Hooray! I hope the psychosis is gone fast.

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