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October 08, 2008



Happy Birthday, Moreena! What a wonderful gift! We are praying, praying, praying for Annika, her donor family, and for all of you.

Candace Moegling

I'll be praying for ALL involved - you guys, Annika, the doctors, and the donor family! Congrats!!!!

kirsten Dickinson

Tell Annika I'm praying for her. Be safe getting here and I'll see you soon.


Sending good liver thoughts your way. Here is hoping that third times the permanent charm! Also sending thoughts out to the family that made the brave choice to dontate.

lost indie

Prayers for peace for you all...

thanks for letting us know...


Oh. Oh, oh, oh! Happy Birthday. Wow!


prayingprayingpraying! Happy Birthday!!!

I was actually coming here to respond to the previous post and saw this (tentatively, cautiously, FABULOUS news for you all) and WOWZERS!

hugs and prayers


Praying for you, Annika, the doctors and the family.


What a wonderful birthday present! Praying that all goes well and it goes ahead. Praying for wisdom for the medical staff and most of all for peace for the donor family.


Moreena....you'll all be in our hearts and thoughts all day--your family, the donor family too, the medical teams...I hope all goes well.

Phantom Scribbler

Oh! Oh! Praying and holding my breath and crossing all fingers and toes!


Oh my God!!! Praying, hoping, wishing that everything goes well and you all find the strength you need to get you through.


Praying for everyone involved and keeping Annika in all of my thoughts. Take care Moreena.


I am a long-time lurker on this blog. Your family is a source of great strength and inspiration, and I will be thinking of you all.


Praying, praying, praying.

New Kid on the Hallway

oh, my fingers are crossed hard for you!!


I'm sending good thoughts and wishes to you all and keeping everything crossed.


I'll be praying for all of you.


We're praying for all of you and the donor family!


I posted this to my page today:

They got the call!!!

Annika...sweet sweet Annika ...got a call for a new liver this morning.
It will be her 3rd liver transplant.
Read the rest of their page for more of what led them to this point.

Please keep them in your prayers today.

Blessed Father, I ask that you watch over Annika and her team of doctors in Chicago. Guide the hands of her transplant team. Watch over her family. Give them peace and courage and patience.
In Your name I pray.


Oh my.
I feel tears coming.

All my wishes and everything I can send for this call to be a go, and for Annika to be safe.

Sweet Anni, be safe; I hope so much today is your start into a wonderfully healthy life.


Prayers, prayers, prayers


Got my whole body crossed on your behalf -- fingers, toes, arms, legs, and you wouldn't believe how long it took to cross my eyelashes!


Many, many prayers for all of you.


Sending peaceful and healing thoughts to Annika. Thank you, donor family, for giving this darling girl another chance at life.

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