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October 09, 2008



Oh, so very, very happy.


And Happy New Day to you too. I hope that you will be able to get some rest now, even though I am sure the next weeks are going to be anything but restful. Annika sounds like she is in the best of hands.

Wishing you peace...


Sweet Annika, I wish you a long, happy and healthwise stable life with this new liver.

Moreena, Jörg - I hope you can get some rest now, and that you can see Annika constantly improving.

Frankie - a Very Happy Birthday to you. What a lucky date.


Happy Birthday Frankie. And wishes for a very happy New Day and New Beginning for Anni too. Thankful prayers going to Dr Superina and his team for their skill and the donor family for their gift too


Woohoo! Sleep well Moreena and recover well Anni....


What a relief. Go Anni! Happy Birthday, Frankie! Sleep, Moreena!


Happy Birthday, Frankie! And yayayayayay for Anni. I'm glad us commenters could distract you a wee bit. Woo for the internet!

(as an aside, no working portal vein?!? I didn't even know that was possible. Certainly explains the encephalopathy, though. What a tough cookie!)


Thanks for the update, Moreena. And thank you God/Science/Doctors/Nurses/Universe/etc. for your mysterious and not-so-mysterious graces. Thank you, Annika's old liver, for being so resourceful and lasting so long. And thank you, donor family, for Annika's new liver. Continued good thoughts for all involved. And Happy Birthday, Frankie!


Yes, thank YOU, God for the grace of another day and for guiding Dr. Superina through this very difficult operation.


Praise be. What a relief. Hope you can see your little one and get some well needed sleep before tomorrow (the New Day):-) I am so thrilled that the surgery went alright.

jane dark

so glad.


I hope you can now get some rest and Annika has a smooth recovery!
We have all been thinking of you at school. The class will be happy to know that Annika has her new liver!

Happy Birthday, Frankie!


Good job, Dr. Superina! And thank you also for having such a cool name. Of course, good job keeping from losing it, Jorg and Moreena. Happy birthday to Frankie! Way to impress with your complete dominance of the laws of anatomy, Annika, and also your "cool" choice of hospital songs. Hope today turns out to be a good one.


Wow. Go Annika.Hurray doctors and OR staff. And Mom and Dad. Now for Annika to recover. Now I go to bed.Love, Bobby and the snoring Sharon


Curious Girl says, "I hope you feel better soon, Annika." And I've got tears of joy as I wake up and check back in after your long night. Still holding all of you close.


Happy birthday, Frankie! Happy new liver, Annika! Congrats to you all and peace to the donor family. What a gift they have given you!

Prayers for a speedy, smooth recovery.


Happy birthday Frankie!

I'm crying for happiness and relief. I can't even imagine how you are feeling.

Thank you, God and Dr. Superina!


Curious Girl says, "I hope you feel better soon, Annika." And I"m crying tears of joy to read this post after a long night. May you all get some rest and healing now.

And CG also says, "Happy Birthday, Frankie! How old are you?" All of us here are thinking of all of you.


Alright Dr. Superman, I mean Superina!

Thank God for him.

Continuing to pray for Annika.

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Don't forget to call me if you need anything, Anna and I are leaving soon. Unless you call we will drop off our little gift for Annika with Joan, or whoever is in clinic!


Oh, wonderful news! Continued prayers that Annika will continue to make good progress. Happy Birthday Frankie! Way to go Dr. Superina! Go get some sleep, Mom and Dad, even if you have to do it in shifts.


*hugging you all*


So glad to hear that it is a Happy New Day. Your family is in my thoughts today.


Wonderful update!

Happy day everyone!

Michelle Jack's Mom LF

First thing I checked this morning, I had Anni on my mind all night. Such good news! Happy Birthday Frankie, great new day Annika!
Keeping all of you in my prayers, and especially the heroic donor family!


I'm shedding tears of relief.

Here's to a bright new day. I hope it just gets better and better.

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