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October 09, 2008



I just posted my comment after catching up and then poof this happy update. Good news, hope recovery goes will.

Happy Birthday, Frankie. Something tells me with Frankie's hero worship of her older sister, she will think she got a great present even if she physically didn't get to share the day with you.


I couldn't wait to get here this morning--so happy to see such lovely news about your lovely girl.

Thank you Moreena, from taking time away from your own worry and fear to keep us all up to date.

Much love and hope on Frankie's birthday.

kathy a.

oh, i'm so relieved. xoxox



So grateful that all is well and hand gel works and songs about polar bears (ME!) comfort. What a determined little old liver your daughter had--it was NOT going to let your girl go, even if it meant some rather pushy behavior. I'm hoping this liver is just as feisty but never has to show it.

Happy day to all of you!


What wonderful news! Go, Anni, go! What a fighter. Thank you God.


Oh, what a relief! So glad to hear the surgery is finally over and Annika is doing well. Thank you, surgeons. Thank you, God. No child should have to go through this.

Thank you donor family. Thank you.

Get some rest.

Happy birthday, Frankie.



Good Morning from Pennsylvania!

Good Morning to the Happy Birthday Girl, Sweet Frankie!

Good Morning to the very clever Annika, who chases polar bears from her fridge in the middle of the night!

Love, love, love to you all!


Happy day, Moreena! Woohoo for bile!! I worked last night and could read your posts but I could not comment (we had special ventilators running which do not like interference from web capable cell phones :) We have been praying and sending a tremendous amount of love and strength your way. Superina is such a talented surgeon... Annika has been in good hands! I hope you all will be able to catch a little sleep and that today brings more good news. Prayers for Anni's donor family as well... and birthday hugs and kisses to Frankie!

Karen, Molly's Mom

Whew... thrilled to read this post. Old liver out, new liver in... two huge accomplishments in less than 1/2 a day. 1/2 a day, doesn't that make the grueling hours on end of wait sound deceptively brief. Now, minute by minute, hour by hour. Continued prayers that everything keeps on working and the bleeding stops.


It's a beautiful, beautiful morning.

Keeping you all in my thoughts.


I am so relieved and happy to hear Anni came through surgery ok!


I have never met him, but I love Dr. Superina.

Happy new day to all of you. I'm smiling like a fool through these tears.

Way to go, Annika!


Happy new day indeed. Get some rest if you possibly can.

And a very happy birhday to Frankie.


So so very glad to hear this news. Happy birthday, Frankie. Happy birthday, Moreena.


Still crossing body parts for Anni's resourceful body to continue being so resourceful. Time to heal and rest.

Hugs and prayers for what is yet to come.


This all sounds so good! Happy Day to all of you. I hope you can get a little rest today?


thank God.
Happy Birthday to Frankie! And happy New Day, Annika.

Phantom Scribbler

Oh, what wonderful news to hear! Thanks for keeping us updated all night, Moreena.

New Kid on the Hallway

So glad to hear! Birthday wishes to Frankie, new liver congrats to Annika!

Lisa V

Oh, Moreena, just woke up and checked your blog first thing. Happy New Beginning! Happy Birthday!


So relieved this morning to read your posts. As always, continuing to keep Annika in all of my thoughts and prayers.

Happy birthday to Frankie!


I was so hoping to get a happy update when I checked in this morning. I am so glad that the surgery is over and was a success. I am keeping your family in my prayers.

And happy birthday to Frankie!



I am a little sister, too, and I know that Anni getting her new liver was your biggest wish for your birthday! Happy, happy birthday!


I don't comment often but I was with you last night for a good long while and praying for Annika all day yesterday. I checked in as soon as I woke up and I'm so relieved to hear she's come through okay and that things are well so far.

That is one tough kid.

happy new liver to anni and happy birthday to frankie. such a present.


You are all in my thoughts and prayers. What an amazing day.

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