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October 21, 2008



I'm sorry to hear that- keeping your little girl in my thoughts!


Oh my god. What a great shock.

And what a dreadful dilemma. (We had something similar with my dad -brain lesions / edema and thrombosis combined means a lot in favour of heparin and a lot against it. I hope they can agree on a compromise, but it sounds like such a difficult medical decision.)

Moreena, I'd freak, too (did a bit when reading this, actually) --- send all my best wishes that this scare will never occur again, and that the doctors can keep Annika's liver safe while preventing any dangerously thin blood.

Thinking of you, esp. Annika, so much...


Well, crap! But small is better than big, right? Fingers crossed for good news at the next CT scan.

Am also sure that that's how all the cool medico's speak these days.


Never has a blog post title been more accurate. Give a girl a break, already! I'm glad to at least hear that Annika is happier than a few days ago...I hope that means that the hallucinations have stopped. Hope the CT this morning gives good news.

Mary O.

I'm sorry it has been such a rough road! I hope things are looking up on the latest scan. Our prayers are still coming your way. I'm glad she's happier!


yikes yikes yikes.... does that mean she *did* have a stroke? But glad they found something this time around....


Holy crap, Moreena. Please keep us posted. I love how sparky and undespairing your posts are, even through all this. It's no wonder where Annika gets it from. Or maybe you get it from her.

xo Catherine

Stacy - Tanner's mom from LF

Well - I don't know if this will be any help or not. But, Tanner's had a brain bleed and then a recent MRI showed a brain cyst. For some reason, throwing the word "brain" into anything is scary as hell. BUT - the "good news" is that the brain can usually recover from these things - although there might be some short term problems. BUT - I'm sure the good doctors have told you that already, huh?

Praying for Annika - how is her liver faring?


Medical poker. No fun.

Thinking of you all.



Phantom Scribbler

Good god. Thinking of you, and typing with my fingers crossed.


oh Moreena... sending many good thoughts to you.

Keri (Auburn Gal Always)

There no such thing as a "small brain bleed!"

Glad she's still holding her own and feeling better.

Still praying.

crystal and tigerlily

oh boy,

We are thinking about you and glad to hear that Annika is doing better and continuing to pray for continued recovery of all the issues!





Holding my breath and thinking of you all and thinking zone-related clotting thoughts. Why hasn't medicine figured out how to target things like clotting factors to the places they're needed and keep 'em away from the places they're not?


I'm sorry for all the new worries, Moreena. You all are still in my prayers. I hope this week is full of all kinds of good news.


Oh glory...
Moreena, I'm so sorry. Surely tis time for things to go smoothly for Annika.
Your courage, and hers, is quite stunning.
Love and prayers, of course xx


oh crap.




Still praying and hoping and finger crossing over here. Annika is one tough little cookie! Your collective strength continues to amaze me. I know you are just doing what needs to be done, but it's pretty astonishing.


Geez louise is right! Fingers crossed here too.


**unabashed optimism alert**

Annika is so much stronger than a small brain bleed. Bump in the road to recovery...you can DO this! She can do this, I know it!!!

prayers continue...

Awesome Mom

Darn it! I hope that they are able to balance to blood thinning enough that the bleeding does not become a huge issue.

kathy a.

holy cow! glad it was small, glad it stopped. xoxo


Fingers crossed!


Oh. We are thinking about you and wishing for good news this afternoon.

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