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October 25, 2008



WOW! Annika looks amazing - can't believe how well she appears, so soon after all those hard times.
Thank you, donors everywhere, and thank you God.


Oh, it's wonderful to see a smiling Annika again! 'So happy for all of you. Thank you for this update, Moreena. And that's a great haircut on her. :)


She's back.
Thank you thank you.


She looks amazing! So happy for you all!


Thank you, thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

for sharing your girl with us...


Awesome new tummy! It's great to see Anni so happy (not to mention glamorous!) and chirpy. She looks wonderful. And the hair--great job! It's very cute, and suits her beautifully. As a knitter, I couldn't help but admire her jazzy socks, too. Thank you thank you thank you, indeed, to all concerned, that this is going so well.


Wow ! She looks wonderful, hair and all. Odile (8) says : "Nice socks !"
Have a nice Sunday. Thank you for the updating.


Oh, Moreena. What a sparkling and beautiful kid. She is completely amazing, as are you.

Love to you all.

xo Catherine


Well, another crier over here. Anni looks amazing, and I am so glad.

Thank you for sharing your story. I found your blog through another blog and have been very inspired by your daughter's story. The first day I read this story is the day I went to renew my driver's license and in Missouri they ask you if you want to be an organ donor. Your daughter popped into my head and I immediately said yes, in the hopes that one day I would be able to help someone.

Lynne C

from Australia, sending love and admiration to you, beautiful, strong, wise Annika (and your ace family)



I'm so happy for all of you.


Darling Annika... you look mahvelous! How wonderful to see the shine in her eyes!

Mad Asthmatic

Hi, this is the first time I have posted but I have been following Annika's ups and downs for a couple of weeks. I just wanted to say that she looks beutiful and I am so thankful she is making good progress, it was wonderful to see her in the video looking so cute after reading about the recent scares.
Mad asthmatic


Wow...I had shivers the whole time I was watching this. She looks absolutely amazing.
Keep that shining smile Annika!!!!!!!!!!!


It took me a few minutes to be able to write this because I had to stop crying. I was so worried that a lack of updates meant something was wrong, but instead I see that y'all have just been enjoying life! I amazed seeing Annika's progress (and her cute haircut).

How much longer will she be in the hospital? Will Frankie be able to see Annika in the hospital?


This made me so happy to watch. She looks great.

Thank you, as always, for sharing your journey.


She looks like she feels great!!! I can't imagine how relieved you all must be.


She's the BEST Fiona. God bless!

Mary Kiernan Lee

I did not expect her to look so great!! Out of bed already,too.


I can't believe how quickly Annika has regained her sparkle--that smile of hers could make anyone smile! Thanks so much for this update.

Phantom Scribbler

So beautiful, Moreena. Thank you for sharing it with us.

BB says, "Annika is cute!"


thank you Lord...

she looks SO good

HennHouse (Karin)

Thank you.

Her smile says it all.

Thank you.



You made my day today with these shots. Annika looks fantastic! I'm SO happy for all of you.


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