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October 17, 2008



Hallmark doesn't make an "I'm so happy to hear your abdomen is closed" card, so I'll just say congratulations and good wishes for continued healing.

If it's any consolation, my son has been called an enigma by a couple of different neurologists. Someone has to keep those Doctors on their toes!


Great news!




woohoo! wishing Annika a smooth transition to wakefulness and unassisted breathing!

HennHouse (Karin)

Wonderful news!!

"better" is better than "worse" any day.

Still keeping you all in our prayers.

kathy a.

woo hoo! for the closed abdomen, and also the wonderful docs!

i can't completely follow the story of the second liver, except that it sounds kind of miraculous that it kept chugging away for so many years. the little liver that could.


moving right along...go Anni

Steve Ferkau

I think it's amazing how, having never met them, I've come to adore Anni & Frankie... I know she's got a lot of recovering to do still - but it's nice to hear that things are heading in the right direction...

Thank you for keeping us posted - Anni is in my thoughts and prayers...



Hooray for closed openings!!! Glad that htings are moving in a very encouraging direction.


Great news! The kids have been faithful to pray for Anni and I know they will be glad to hear she's doing better and better.


Absolutely wonderful news! Go Anni!


*Dance of the closed abdomen* (It's a very gentle, non-bouncy dance.)

Mary O.

Here's to a closed abdomen, waking up and breathing on your own! Here's to Dr. Superina too!


Awsome, just Awsome. I am so glad. The open abdomen thing left a sad feeling in my heart. Now she soon will enjoy some of the incredible yummy hospital broth she is fond of. (I am too, I confess) LOve Bobby and Sharon in the mile high city ---at the vet's for mister MacGreggor (infection on his kitty chin)

Keri (Auburn Gal Always)

Yippee skippee!

Phantom Scribbler

Someone, somewhere ought to make "I'm happy to hear that your abdomen is closed" cards. Café Press, maybe? In the meantime, though, hooray! So glad to hear it!

Kristy Siebert

Looking forward to having Annika back instead of sedated. Great news!


Ooooh, muscles! Fancy! Glad to hear.


Sent you a card via CMH website.
With some help from my 5 year old.

This is one of those so-happy-I-am-crying kind of posts!!!!

Awesome Mom

Great news!

Evan is on anticoagulation therapy too and I must say that I think that the doctors always over emphasize the whole falling and bleeding easily thing. Really Evan lives a very normal life and has had very few issues with bleeding. I highly recommend that you get a Hemosense INR home testing machine. I love that I can test his levels any time I want and I don't have to schedule an appointment and the have to wait in a doctor's office. It is a simple finger prick test. If you have any questions about having a kid on blood thinners email me any time.


How wonderful! I'm also doing Uccellina's "Dance of the Closed Abdomen." :)


Woo-hoo, great news!!!

lost indie

I am so happy!!!!!

I think you should have a talk with the 350 pound wrestlers that live within Anni. They should be able to help with the clotting issues.

Am I being naive to think that Anni might be able to enjoy her Halloween this year just a little?

A zombie cheerleader seems so appropriate this year...


Dancing, also!

This really is great news.


Howzabout Princess Frankenstein?

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