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October 09, 2008



It's good to hear an update. I hope you and Jorg are managing to get rest and food and coffee as needed.

Rita Arens

Leslie Madsen-Brooks just alerted me to your situation. Just sent up a prayer for you from Kansas City.


Thank You for the updates...keeping Annika (and you, and Jorg, and Frankie) in our thoughts.

Happy Birthday to Frankie!


You and Anni are still foremost in my thoughts right now and I am praying and wishing for all good things for you.

Lisa V

Moreena, no need to answer this now, but I'm wondering, are the effects of a new liver immediate? Does she look or feel better instantly or does it take time? I realize she will go through a ton of pain just because of going through major surgery, but wondered about the other stuff she has been experiencing. You mentioning seeing her brought this to mind.


Still praying for everyone. So glad to hear the good news.


My best wishes for Annika continue...hope the bleeding stops or minimizes, good blood-flow and bile-flow continue, no infections and no major scares.


From your last post...
"Happy Birthday, Frankie. Happy New Day, Annika."...indeed.
A birthday and a re-birthday all in the same day. Blessed be. Blessed days to all of you ahead.

I know the road will be rough. And I know that you know that too.
May you feel the prayers from all of us here, holding you up. You are not alone.

Call me. Email me, whatever. Even if it is just for a hug. Whatever. I'll be there.


Lisa--I don't actually know. She's fully sedated right now, and on a paralytic because she's not fully closed (just the top layer for right now). The jaundice disappears almost immediately. It's kind of miraculous. But I have no idea about the other stuff.


Hi Moreena,

Oh my gosh, I'm so happy to hear that things are looking up. I've been praying so hard for all of you!

I hope you had a good birthday, and I'm sending fun birthday wishes down to B-N for Frankie.

Let me know if you need anything!
Love, Lauren


I am thinking of you, of Annie, of Frankie. So scared - so happy - cannot imagine the emotions you are dealing with.

kiersten from book club

It is amazing to picture the phalanx of supporters out there. I read one comment of somebody who did the same thing I did - slept in and out with the laptop by their side...May mercy, grace and peace rain down upon you all today.


Hang in there! I don't know what else to say, but we're still thinking of you all and I know that Anni's a little trooper!


Such wonderful news! So many people will be thinking of your family, the generous blood and organ donors, and those amazing doctors (who I hope are home getting some much-needed rest!) today. Blessed be.


Thinking of you guys still, always.


Thinking of you, Ani, Frankie, and Jorg today. I think it's a good sign that her body held onto the previous liver so strongly -- she will love and nurture the new one, too. Special thanks and thoughts to the donor family.


When you're heaping love upon her, give her some from the rest of us. A kiss on an elbow, or her middle toe on her left foot--none of the major mom kissing spots, just an odd freckle's worth or so...



Patience.. the hardest thing to remember and practice in a PICU... and so needed. Each moment that goes by is a moment closer to a healthier and healed Annika... hang in there..




I've been reading your blog regularly for quite sometime but have never posted a comment before. I'm so grateful that you have been posting updates. Evertime my baby woke me last night my thoughts drifted to you and your family on the other side of the atlantic. Best wishes!

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