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October 15, 2008



Well, if I ever need an emergency haircut in Chicago, I'll know where to go!

I just opened up your blog because Curious Girl said at dinner, "Let's find out how Annika is doing." She wants me to leave this note for Anni: "I hope you feel better."


'Glad you're happy with your haircut. The last time I went someplace to have mine cut--and this was 2002, to give you an idea of my fears related to this--the stylist started our oh-so-fabulous session by squealing, "Ooh! If I had YOUR hair, I'd dye it PINK for Halloween so it'd look like a FRIGHT WIG!" (She had never seen naturally curly hair? Gah!) The session kept going downhill, sadly. I'm glad you made out better--and with a gift for Annika, to boot. You didn't need more traumatic experiences this week. "Accidents happen," indeed! :)


Oooh- I might have to take a drive to see the awesome Ted, as I am in the midst of growing out the WORST.HAIRCUT.EVER. (and the worst color job- does the awesome Ted do color too? *aside- OF COURSE I'm a natural blonde- ahem.*)

So glad to hear about the calmer Annika.

Your family is constantly in my thoughts....



Wow. 60x the appropriate dose and she was STILL lucid? DUUUUUDE. That's impressive.

Glad you have a more respectable-like hairdo. Little things like that can mean a lot!


Glad they seem to have Anni more comfortable! Sending my thanks to Ted for making her mom feel better, too.

kathy a.

oh, yes! stylist of teh year!

but holy cow, about the newest med twist. glad they have dialed down the whatsis, and gotten her balanced with the you-know.



I had ketamine when the epidural failed during a c-section. That's some GNARLY stuff. Anni has to be the toughest person I know about. Glad you got some time to take care of yourself.


I'm so glad there's a Ted in your life. A haircut and new shoes this week? Why this is practically a vacation for you!

Glad that meds are being adjusted to therapeutic levels!


I SO know the value of a good haircut. So glad you found Ted!

Annika is a rock star. Keep up the good work, girl! :)


Holy crap. 60x the ped dose?

Look, I know you're preoccupied, and all, but after this is done, I hope you'll hunt down the nurse/pharma dude responsible for the error and file whatever report results in job loss. Math counts with the drugs -- you know, thank God it was something your girl could take. You're a much calmer mother than I.


Deb--Do go see him! I can't believe what a great job he did with my minimal, completely incoherent directions to him. Don't know about color, but probably...

Also, he didn't even charge me for the cut. So if I can send people his way (which I can do without reservation, given how happy I was with the results), then great!

Kyla--OK, she wasn't exactly *lucid* but she was definitely conscious and definitely able to follow commands and definitely responding in a way that didn't really say "under lots of sedation."

She got that higher dose on a drip for about 17 hours before the mistake was discovered. But the doc looked it up, and her dose was an OK one for an adult. And she's known to need sedation meds way more than your average kid, so it's all probably just fine. But, still, *whoa*.

Mary O.

Annika is amazing, you all are. Glad you got your hair cut, hospital hair sucks!


I get you on the hair! I can't tell you how many times I've frantically held a feverish baby yet told the ped's nurse, "No, I can't come right away!", thinking "I have to shower first!"

It sounds like all the liver stuff is still healing as it should, yes? I've been reading this blog for ages and with a son Anni's age (Tomas and she emailed each other once), a daughter a year older than Frankie, and both my husband and I being academics, I feel so akin to you and the life you all lead (except for the liver stuff). All of my thoughts are with you as you go through this. (I hope this doesn't sounds creepy...!)


Glad to hear things are still going OK... Annika is amazingly resilient!
I have to go away on business and won't be able to read your blog for 4 whole days (aarrggghh), so I want to take this opportunity to wish Annika a peaceful, restorative birthday, with health and happiness by the bucket load...
You are all in my thoughts, even when I'm not chained to my computer.


Now I'm picturing Anni in a sumo suit.

I'm glad that the error wasn't one that caused damage and I'm glad also that she's on stuff that is making her calmer.

And yay for a good haircut! Stylist of the YEAR!!!


Minutes, hours? What's a unit conversion anyway? Glad they caught the error, adjusted, and helped Annika resume chilling out.

And I'm also glad you went for the haircut! Woohoo good hair!


That comment about doctors haircuts had me rolling on the floor laughing. I have this awesome image of hair after wearing a theatre cap for many hours (not pretty). I'm one year away from being a doctor and my haircut is as boring as can be, so I have to agree with you on that one. In fact it isn't even a hairdo or hairstyle, its just a semiregular trim...:-)

Am hugely impressed with Annika's spirit. What a fighter! She has a future career path as a superhero (though she is one already).


Happy, happy 8th birthday, sweet Annika and many, many happy returns (as healthy as can be and out of hospital)!!

I know there are far better things than being heavily doped with a half-open (let's be more optimistic and say half closed!) abdomen in hospital on your 8th birthday - but I am so happy you got your new liver and so far and hopefully for ever it seems pretty happy.

Wishing you all the best with all my heart. Here is to many, many much happier birthdays!

(And WOW for taking the adult dosis and still struggling to stay awake...you are a tough cookie if there ever was one, and although this might make any sedation issues harder than they should be, I am sure it helps you in the long run.)


I'm glad you like your haircut, and really glad the med mistake wasn't something that cased harm to Annika. Scary! I'm glad she's OK, and what a tough cookie!

Kristy Siebert

Amazing how a haircut can change your perspective! I'm glad you found someone so competent and caring in Chicago! Thanks for all the updates! I always knew Annika had a fighting spirit!!! Keep going, Annika!


Anni is a maniac, in the best possible way.

And I keep picturing you with your hand-gel hair all spiked up nice and big and Pat Benatarish, and it makes me laugh. So glad it's better now.

xo Catherine


Hair definitely matters!

Anni's resiliance--well, all of you--continues to amaze me. Here's hoping for a continued non-eventful convalescence.

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