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October 22, 2008



Oh, what good news (considering the horrible power of the image of a brain bleed!).

Fingers stay crossed for this never, ever to occur again and for it to remain the only serious complication of this transplant.

Hope you have fun with Frankie. I'm sure seeing each other will do both of you a lot of good :)


Good news! Hooray for the scraping through ok.

Hope Frankie is doing ok and she treats you to lots of giggles when you see her.


I'm glad things look okay on the brain bleed-front, and how great that you'll get to spend time with Frankie. 'Hope you guys have a fun visit. :)


Oh, that's great news! Kiss Frankie for us all! Bring us tales of her hilarity.


Oh I'm so happy to hear that news! Enjoy your time with your little giggle monster!


Glad to hear the news is good and hope it continues that way. Have a great time with Frankie! She does have a way of making those around her smile.


*hugs* all around.


Glad to hear that things seem to be stable again. Enjoy your time with Frankie!

(hugs) to you all.


I"m glad Annika is stable enough that you're able to leave the hospital, and also glad you'll be hugging your other sweet girl soon. CG was asking about Frankie the other day, too. Come back with stories!


Hooray for Frankie time...and sighs of relief that the CT scans look reassuring on the whole.
Still here. Still praying


Okay! Enjoy Frankie. Sending Annika our positive vibrations.

xo Catherine


Yowza. I'm still the annoying one sounding like Joyce from Friends. Oh. My. Gawd. Moreena, I know she'll be a while healing up, but when she's OK enough for you to get away for 2-3 days, I think we need to take up a collection to send you to a really swank spa for outrageously amazing mothers. Nothing there but soft towels, hot-stone massages, nice smells, and potent delicious drink of your choice.


Give both Frankie and Anni kisses for me.


That's great news!

I bet Frankie misses you lots too...she'll be so happy to see you.



Well that's good news! I bet Frankie will be so happy to see her mommy :)


So glad & relieved things are stable! Enjoy your day with Frankie!

kathy a.

whew! many good thoughts to anni, her liver, her brain, and everyone in her life.

and so glad you can go see frankie -- what a trooper she is!



Enjoy Frankie time--hope she treats you to tons of giggles!


Glad that the news was relatively good. Enjoy your Frankie time!



Glad it's stable and hoping for good news each day...


I've read up a little on Anni. I'm happy to hear that the bleeds are relatively minor... My son had a couple minor bleeds too...

I found you through Postcards From Holland... I'll be back.


A sigh of relief for Anni...and wishes for you and Frankie to have a wonderful time together.


We are both so relieved at reading this. It has been such a rollercoaster for you. My mom asked me last night on the long drive home from my uncles' funeral(he died at 77 from ESLD alcohol)how long can a person live after a successful liver transplant, and I said I believe a full life. I do believe this for Annika, Nancy and Penny in my support group, I just believe with my whole heart. Bless you all. Love, Bobby


I send my love.


Hoping that no news is good news!

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