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October 09, 2008



Oh, man. Hope they can get her hemoglobin up again soon, if possible, without further surgery.

(I seem to remember you writing she always bleeds like crazy when she has major surgery?)

Hope today will turn out to be smoother than it started.

Phantom Scribbler

Yikes! Thinking clotting thoughts...



Thank goodness for safe reliable blood banks. I hope things slow down, pronto!


Still thinking of you.


I made a note to give blood ASAP

I am still thinking of you all, hoping Anni holds on, hoping you and your husband can sleep some, hoping Frankie has the most fantastic birthday ever and giggling about the polar bear song
Prayers still going out.

kathy a.



Wow, what a few days you've had-- praying for you.


Wow, Moreena. Okay. I logged on after the fact, and reading all the way through, it sounds very good. You are in our constant thoughts.

xo Catherine


Still holding you all in the light.

(And making a note to go donate blood. I realize it won't go to Annika, but still. I'm sure the karma will transfer, right?)

crystal and tigerlily

So glad to hear that new liver is in- all of it! Hoping that the bleeding subsides soon- thank you so much to the donor family- and thank Moreena for keeping us all updated!

Happy Birthday Frankie!- A new liver for your big sis is a fabulous gift.

much love and prayers that the healing continues- from Tigerlily and her little sis- Nellie



blood,we can find. livers--a bigger challenge.


Hubby and I are donating here today in Annika's name... wish we were closer to CMH. You are in my thoughts constantly...


I read this, and immediately reached for the phone. I will be giving blood at 12:45, in honor of you guys.


I would so give blood but I'm not allowed.

All best to you and Annika.


Still praying


Wow, I just read this whole thing (well, about 12 posts) .... I was seriously behind on blog reading.

I am thinking of you and Frankie and Jorg and especially Annika.

*hugs* from one midwestern girl to another :)


Donating tomorrow. Checking back obsessively and sending much love.


I am so happy to hear the new liver is in. I hope things continue well. I will be thinking about you guys all day. Happy Birthday to Frankie :)

Laurie & Shania

Thank you for keeping us updated! I'm sure all of you are exhausted, try to get some rest when you can.
Praying that the bleeding stops! Out prayers are with all of you.


kathy a.

i'm SO glad anni got her new liver. crossing fingers now that the blood loss is slowing, her hemoglobin goes up, her blood pressure is OK, and etc.

hope that you and jorg are able to catch some sleep. and don't forget to eat! xoxox

Steve Ferkau

Sometimes, when Laura gives blood or platletes, I go pick her up 30-40 minutes before I know she'll be ready... I sit in the LifeSource waiting room and when I see someone completing some forms, or waiting for their turn, I sidle up next to them and ask them if they've ever met someone who received thier blood...

I tell them about Kari -- and I tell them about the five units of blood I needed... I tell them Kari saved my life, but so did the five people, like them, who opened an arm for someone they didn't even know...

Missy, superlagirl, shelley & hubby, liz -- thank you for scootin' in there for Anni. You guys rock...

Anni is in my thoughts and prayers... This is a moment that so many of us have been waiting for... Through all those tubes and whatnot -- give her a hug for us and tell her she's stronger than a polar bear in a fridgidaire...



Vikki Tulcus

Sending my prayers and good, positive thoughts to your whole family. Thanks so much for keeping us informed via your blog.


I'm scheduled to give blood this afternoon and I could not be more thankful and pleased with the timing of this. I'll be thinking of Annika the entire time.

Thank you for all the updates during this time. Thinking of you all!


Hope her blood pressure comes up soon--still thinking and hoping for you all.


I donated double red blood cells back in August, so I can't donate again for a while. I would if I could!!

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