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October 26, 2008



Yes, Tramadol...Scott was on that for a week or two after shoulder surgery. He was very calm and generally happy-go-lucky, but they didn't prescribe that for long. Anni is radiating! Keep the pictures coming! We can't get enough of them either. I'll have to try to call tomorrow b/c I love the way she says my voice. Oh, and I miss her, too. Enjoy that girl!

kathy a.

so very cute! love the decorations, too. anni hasn't used her muscles for a while; i'm sure they'll come back, and think the chocolate eyeball bribe is great.

love to frankie, too.



Wonderful that she is smiling.


Her hair looks like a blond version of Frida Kahlo ;) What a gorgeous photo!


What a gorgeous girl! Her legs'll be back in action in no time.

Package is still on this side of the ocean, since our mail service is having Issues. Sigh. It'll be on its way soon.


Oooh - the more beautiful pictures, the better! She's just stunning...

As to her leg muscles: I'm sure you know that, but they build up again in no time (well, hardly any - and unfortunately a few weeks of lying instead of walking make them vanish just as soon).

My dad's 70, and we did not believe he would ever be able to walk again after a long ICU-stay this year - legs like sticks, and even turning over in the hospital bed needed two to assist him. And 1 months later he was walking 60min decent speed with our dog...

With an 8 year old, this 'miracle' must happen ever so much faster!


Wow, Annika looks great!!
Love the hair too:)



such happy posts lately.

so glad for that!


Thank goodness you explained about the legs--I assumed that they were crossed, but had this niggling doubt that maybe they had made a horrid accident during surgery, then, in their hurry to reattach them before anyone noticed, put them back wrong! Now that would be a Halloween story... She looks great. Love the flowers and jewels, love the toes and leg warmers, love the crazy spooky IV pole! So thankful that you're all doing so well.


Using my new 3d modeling program,ZBRUSH, I worked diligently all summer long making Annika a short movie with a talking cheesy macaroni named, what else, Mac. As the posts here informed us of the encephalopathy, coupled with my own intuition about how this would play in a fellow "windexbrain", it never got finished. I kept asking Sharon's input, and she seemed to think in the end that since it can become so hard to separate reality from fantasy,with HE, that we were better off not. So, I totally get the not-too-creepy pole thing. I keep thinking about you're long ago post about liverland (pixelRN).Love, Bobby


Ah, the glee of tramadol! When I took it, I almost didn't care that it made me queasy! Glad she's smiling, so glad for all of you.

Lynne C

beautiful kid! I'm so happy that I finally worked out that there were multiple pages of posts for October - a bit slow here in the Antipodes. It was only yesterday that I found the section that contains the TRANSPLANT NEWS! I'm so happy for all of you. No wonder you're taking squillions of photos. All the best best best as you fly to good health, darling Annika!

Awesome Mom

I am so glad that she is starting to get around.

When Evan was in the hospital around Christmas (his first) my sister brought some battery powered Christmas lights to decorate his bed with. We have to do what we can to make things a bit more "normal".

Mad Asthmatic

love the drip stand decorations.
Oh the joys of showering with a picc line in situ. I have one in at home and use clingfilm (the clear stuff you wrap your sandwiches in) which actually works pretty well.
Her leg muscles should come back pretty quick. I had my leg in plaster for 6 months a few years ago and my calf muscle just disappeared, but within 3 months I had pretty good muscle back. Had to be very disciplined with my physio though.


Yea and yea and yea!!!!!


Hooray for beginning-to-walk Annika; for the so-cool Halloween decorations on the drip line, very cheery; and most of all for the beautiful SMILES on her face!


those flowers, that smile, the legwarmers and pedicure--what a happy Monday scene. Glad to see that life keeps getting better and better.

Hey, does Anni approve of your new 'do? I know she's picky about such matters...

Ann of the Incredible Gift

I would walk for chocolate eyeballs too, especially ones with peanut butter filling.

Such a beautiful smile! I love the pink flowers and pink socks.

That IV pole is sporting some mad craftz! *runs giggling*

{{{(((GREAT BIG HUGS)))}}}


I wouldn't mind a couple of chocolate eyeballs myself...
I'm so glad things are so good!


How wonderful to see that smile!


Annika looks great! You all must be very happy.


Hi, Moreena. How adorable is she... Roll eyes (from her, I guess) must feel so good to you; a definite sign of health coming back! Do you feel sometimes like adding a little Tramadol to your own really REALLY deserved chocolate eyeball? (Just kidding :)).

Anni Metz

but she has PINK TOENAILS! how glam. my roommates and i have all been keeping Annika & the rest of the family in our thoughts/prayers. I made a card, but seem to have lost it... boo. BUT we'll all be going to donate blood soon. Doubt it will make it all the way to IL, but maybe some young, adorable liver transplantee in GA will benefit!


I am startled and delighted by her smiles -- I think I would still be hag-eyed and lethargic, drugs or no drugs, given all that Annika has been through.

Did I mention I'm delighted? TOTALLY.


Those toenails are fabulous. It's great to see her looking so good!

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