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May 05, 2009



I'm wondering if maybe it isn't a fan made out of a flamingo. (Don't tell Frankie I said that!)

Steve Ferkau

I love reading about Anni and Frankie -- I just love reading pretty much whatever you write about... Love, Steve


oh man, that's good stuff.


I would so love to pull up a lawn chair and sit in your yard and watch all of this instead of the crap on tv at night. I think it would be much better entertainment. Haunted string! Who wouldn't love to see that?


Are the kitties putting out the fire by blowing water (I hope it's water) out of their noses? And, in typical kitty fashion, they wait to be helpful until she's a crispy critter...


Holy cow, what a hoot. I have to send that robot song to my son.

And those wacky Germans!

And that fan!

Things are never dull at your house, eh?

kathy a.

robots and bunnies and thumbs, oh my! hope frankie and jorg have a great trip!


My dad used to read us fairytales when my mum was away, and aged 7-10 I used to love the most gruesome by the Grimm's (telling name, really...), among the best: The robber-groom (bride marries a guy who kills women)...guess German culture for kids can gross people out indeed!

I hope Jörg and Frankie have a fab time in Berlin and Bremen, and I'll keep my eyes open in case I bump into them on the streets (Berlin) ;) - despite my literary taste I'm a pretty peaceful person...

Hope you and Annika don't find daily life without the two of them too hard, but enjoy your special time together!


I am feeling so much better about my parenting style right now.


By which I mean: at least I never cut her thumbs off to stop her from sucking on them.


According to Wikipedia, this book, Struwwelpeter, was originally called Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder mit 15 schön kolorierten Tafeln für Kinder von 3-6 Jahren or, in English, Funny Stories and Whimsical Pictures with 15 Beautifully Colored Panels for Children Aged 3 to 6.

That is a very German title.


Oh, those book excerpts are hilarious.

Jane Dark

How about the story of Little Kettle-Head?

Jane Dark

oops -- no links. But for your own amusement, I highly recommend searching for "Little Kettle-head" or "Little Degchie-Head," and checking out the link at Sterlingtimes, which has all the original pages and text.


This explains so much about the local, heavily German culture....oh, those hilarious, sadistic pranks! Wot fun!

Brrr. Good luck Frankie, may there be no robots anywhere.


The flamingo is great.

Maybe Frankie wants to go and visit the Struwwelpeter museum in Frankfurt? Or, on second thought, maybe not...


I had that book memorized when I was little. It never freaked me out though... (of course, I'm German... so what do I know?!). :)


Hey, Sonja - 'Struwwelpeter' did freak me out as a kid for sure, and I'm German, too ;)

Just never minded any violence in Grimm's fairytales (though my sister, aged three, cried when the witch in Hänsel&Gretel was burned).

I guess Struwwelpeter seemed scary because even as a child one understands the message it wants to bring across...while the magic element in the fairytales distracted me from any black pedagogy...

(Sorry for spaming, Moreena!)


The robot song is great! I've sent it to several of my friends.


Everything ok?


Wondering about you guys!


kathy a.

hope the visit was great, and all else is well!

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Falling Down, November 2004

  • Balloon in hand, my 4-year-old
    twirled across the kitchen floor,
    singing nonsense words
    in her own key.
    "It's my gift!" she declared
    to the world at large, which
    was really only me,
    sitting at the table. Enough
    twirling, and she lost
    her balance, tumbling
    to the floor in a theatrical
    slapstick of elbows and knees.

    She lay on her back
    for a few seconds,
    at the textured ceiling
    with the mysterious
    spaghetti sauce stain.
    Suddenly she
    flapping her arms and legs
    there on the floor, as if to swish
    the imaginary snow
    into a snow angel.

    "Falling down is also a gift!" says she.

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