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February 14, 2010



Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing that sweet note. I found a note from my youngest once, defending her older sister by saying, "What (her sister) wants, (her sister) gets." She sounds like she's the enforcer, doesn't she? I also found a note once that she'd written for the cat. (She's tried to teach our cat to read -- she must think it's been working...)

Happy Chinese New Year, too! I hope the Year of the Tiger is a ferociously good one for your family.


That note is TOO sweet!


What a sweet note!


That note is awesome! I'm always amazed at how Riley and Shelby can fight, then be hugging the next minute. I hope they can always resolve their issues with each other that quickly and remain close friends even into adulthood. We need to chat again on FB. I'll look for you on there today.

kathy a.

people making music together is a wonderful kind of love.

anni's note to frankie -- hoo, boy, that is sister love!


The note is beautiful. And that you found it in her bed somehow makes it more touching (like she went to sleep clutching it or something). Thanks for the reminder of simple love.


I want a sister!


LOVE the song. Dadadadada da da da~ thanks for making my day!

Jozet at Halushki

I loves this so much! Ah, sisters! xxxxoooo


I suddenly want to hug my sisters. Thanks for that. :) PS, felt oddly caught off guard (and quite old) when I noticed the shadow of a URL on the back of that note...! Amazing!

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Falling Down, November 2004

  • Balloon in hand, my 4-year-old
    twirled across the kitchen floor,
    singing nonsense words
    in her own key.
    "It's my gift!" she declared
    to the world at large, which
    was really only me,
    sitting at the table. Enough
    twirling, and she lost
    her balance, tumbling
    to the floor in a theatrical
    slapstick of elbows and knees.

    She lay on her back
    for a few seconds,
    at the textured ceiling
    with the mysterious
    spaghetti sauce stain.
    Suddenly she
    flapping her arms and legs
    there on the floor, as if to swish
    the imaginary snow
    into a snow angel.

    "Falling down is also a gift!" says she.

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