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July 17, 2012



Damn, Moreena, this is a beautiful post.


Isn't it wonderful when life takes an uplifting turn? You have worked hard to get to this "new" place, and it sounds like it suits you. I am glad for you and the girls ~


Congratulations on the new beginnings! As much as you are a Mother, the kids' needs will change as they grow, but you do not need to worry about it now - rest and sleep are just so wonderful! Wishing you all sweet and pleasant dreams, and a lot of pure and gentle light and love.

chicago foodie girl

Lovely post. I'm glad to hear you're doing well in this new place (mentally & physically).

Rev Dr Mom

Love your new banner picture. And happy you're settling into a new normal...I know just what you mean about being in a new place. Now you can make new memories to hold onto.


Also love the new banner! I'm glad you all are doing a bit better and each have your own animal companion at night - somehow, (at least for me) that always makes everything a little easier :)


checking here every week and saying a quick prayer for you often. keep plowing forward and don't beat yourself up when you go backwards for a while.


Thanks for the wonderful update!


I'm glad that soon your divorce kitten is just going to be your sweet cat. And I'm glad about beautiful updates like this one.

Sue Frey

Always have followed Anika's progress, since my grandaughter Molly was going through allot of the same health issues. How is Anika healthwise? She sure looks good. I know you mentioned having her lip surgery before your life got all changed. I hope you still do that, my teenage grandchildren are boys but they have girl friends and sometimes kids can be so cruel when it comes to any little flaw in appearance. We had to even put Molly in a new school because the kids at her old school were to aware of her past health issues. Because of the chemo at such a young age she has some hearing loss and wears hearing aids. She also is behind academically as she missed so much school. She melted right in with the kids in her new school and just loves it. Sometimes change is good, as you are finding out the hard way. I hope your life and the girls is just a bowl of cherries with no pits, from now on. Molly's grandma Sue

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Falling Down, November 2004

  • Balloon in hand, my 4-year-old
    twirled across the kitchen floor,
    singing nonsense words
    in her own key.
    "It's my gift!" she declared
    to the world at large, which
    was really only me,
    sitting at the table. Enough
    twirling, and she lost
    her balance, tumbling
    to the floor in a theatrical
    slapstick of elbows and knees.

    She lay on her back
    for a few seconds,
    at the textured ceiling
    with the mysterious
    spaghetti sauce stain.
    Suddenly she
    flapping her arms and legs
    there on the floor, as if to swish
    the imaginary snow
    into a snow angel.

    "Falling down is also a gift!" says she.

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